Are your tyres safe on the road?

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When the only thing between your vehicle and the road are the tyres, it is vital that you ensure your tyres are in good condition, well maintained and correctly inflated so you and your family can feel safe in your car. When it comes down to it, its four patches of rubber the size of your hand that is keeping your car on the road – you need to have the right tyres.

Here at MazCare our tyre specialists in Wolverhampton can
check your tyres making sure they are in good condition. Our team will check the following;

• Tyres are undamaged
• No weakening on inner side wall from solid objects that can cause cuts
• Wear is checked on tyres
• Depth of tread ensuring no uneven tread that may indicate alignment or suspension faults
• Tyre pressures are suitable for your car and passengers in the car
• Checking tyres are not over inflated as this can wear tyres excessively
• Checking tyres are not under inflated as this will wear tyre edges excessively
• Ensuring aged tyres are still in good condition
• Looking out for signs of cracking, splitting or perishing

The latest Nitrogen Tyre Inflation is also available at £6 per car

If we feel that replacement tyres are required we will offer you options for supplying the correct tyres from our new or slightly used range, at an affordable and competitive price.

As seasons change different things are needed from your tyres so it is recommended that you get your tyres checked regularly by tyre specialists, to ensure you car is road safe, legal and therefore you can avoid any unnecessary points or fines.

Whatever your vehicle, our tyre specialists in Wolverhampton are here to offer you a helping hand, we offer free impartial advice to assist you in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle. If there are miles left on your tyres we will let you know.

If you need an expert to look at your car give our friendly team a call, we are always happy to answer any queries that you have and we strongly feel that it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to cars. You know your car better than anyone else so if you’re worried something isn’t right pop in and see us.

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