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Perhaps one of the most important tests that needs to be performed on your vehicle every year is your MOT.

Mazcare are a specialist car servicing team in Wolverhampton and are able to offer a varied selection of car services to ensure that we have something to suit all of our customers’ needs, requirements and budgets.

Safety is priceless when it comes to car servicing. An annual service on your car ensures it’s safety and avoids unexpected repair bills. The benefits of getting your vehicle serviced are improving the fuel efficiency of your car along with reducing the need for vehicle repairs and their subsequent costs and spending more time on the road, and less time off the road.

Fixed Price Service & Repairs

Mazcare offers you peace of mind servicing with fixed price services and repairs.

Your car’s service will be recorded by resetting the service indicator, officially stamping the service book or recording on the digital service history register.
Combining the quality of service and repairs with the most competitive prices guarantees your satisfaction.

Why use our new Air Conditioning Regas Equipment? Just check out the benefits of our new Automotive Refrigerant!

→ Designed for use in mobile air conditioning systems

→ Similar cooling capacity & energy efficiency to R134a

→ Suited to all climates across the world

→ Lower environmental impact

→ Meets the world’s toughest environmental standards

→ GWP of just 4 – 99.7% lower than R134a

→ Zero ozone depletion potential

→ Non-toxic

We subscribe to the class leading vehicle information data base, Autodata, to provide a vast range of information regarding service schedules, tyre pressures/sizes, standard repair times, timing belt replacement intervals to make sure we get it right.

Being without your car for servicing we know can be inconvenient, Mazcare has a range of easy options including loan cars, collection/delivery, waiting area.

Should you require a loan car, collection/delivery, please advise our service team at time of booking to arrange.

Air Conditioning Servicing in Wolverhampton

Over 70% of vehicles are fitted with air conditioning features and climate control as standard. Many car owners are unaware of how important it is that regular attention is paid to a vehicles air conditioning system. 10% of air conditioning systems gas permeates from the air conditioning system every year, car manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems in cars are recharged with gas and lubricant every two years – here at MazCare we can offer you an air conditioning service and recharge your gas and lubricant. If you are concerned your air conditioning or climate control features are not working as well as expected then give us a call, we can check for you.

Digital Service Reporting

Providing our customer with a unique “mechanics” view of the condition of their car.
Images are taken and forwarded to the customer via email, followed by a telephone call from one of our service team, to explain and discuss each image in detail giving the customer a greater insight.
Digital Service Reporting service is free and is in addition to the detailed reports already supplied by Mazcare.
Mazcare has always committed to providing the highest quality of service and now with the transparency of Digital Service Reports can enhance the customers experience and build confidence.

The team here at Mazcare believe in offering our customers an excellent quality of service at competitive prices. Call us now for a free no obligation quote for your next service – we are happy to help.